Energetic Work

In my work I combine classic coaching with energetic methods. I am utterly convinced that this valuable combination brings your body, mind and soul into the deepest transformation possible.

And maybe you know these moments in life, where your mind is fully aware of some things or facts, but still, you do not seem to be able to go into a change, into a new habit.

And this is the moment, when your body, mind and soul are not fully in balance. Thanks to my energetic work, I'll bring back clarity and balance to your life and you are ready to break new grounds.

My energetic work can be booked as single sessions independently from my coaching and mentoring programs.

Energetic Clearing

In my Energetic Clearing Sessions we dissolve in a soft but effective way your inner hand brakes out of your energetic system.

This method I recommend when there are certain situations for which you need an answer. Whenever you feel like you are blocked or not in your full power or potential and you have the feeling there is so much more possible in you.

Sometimes your mind knows that some things are not good for you anymore, but still, you cannot overcome them. You seem to be trapped in your old paradigm. In my Energetic Clearing Session we work with your subconsciousness to dissolve everything that binds your inner freedom.

Karmic Journey

In a Karmic Journey we visit your former lives.

We get information, a central theme that shows up in all of your lives and for which you are still searching for in this life.

Thanks to the insights from your former lives, you have the chance to do things differently from now on in this life. You'll get answers to your search of meaning: What is my soul-task on this earth? Why am I here? What is my true calling?

Also issues in your partnerships  and unreasonable fear can be cleared in your Karmic Journey.


Live your life freely, light-heartedly and in a new lifestyle quality. Find your soul power!

Family Constellations

Thanks to the Family Constellations Work you will get an outer look on your current  situation. We'll take a closer look upon the issue that concerns you most right now. The problem that seems to be constantly on your mind, follows you by daytime and at night, but you just cannot solve it on your own.

With this wonderful method you will gain moments of truth and you will see things in a clearer picture again.

Also, we dissolve blockades, so that your standing in life is more self-confident, clearer and relieved.

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