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I am utterly convinced, that for your personal transformation and grwothit is absolutely necessary to leave behind your usual surroundings, your everyday routine.

A different place, a new environment gives you new inspiration. Dive deep into the lifestyle of a new place and feel how it changes you.

This is why I developed my Coach & Travel Concept. I work with my clients while we travel togehter.

The results are spectacular. In no-time we get to the point of your issues and bring them into clarity. Therefore, most of the time, even one day spend togehter changes your whole perception, transforms you and changes your life.

Let me take you to a great city, to a unique place that fits your topic and find new inspiration and transformation. 

You are interested in my Coach & Travel Program? Then contact me for more information.

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There is no better place to do Business Coachings than New York City. From rags to riches - there are so many success stories. Dive deep into the freedom of this spectacular city that never sleeps, in the land of unlimited oppotunities.

Also, spring is the time of the year, that stands for new beginnings. So, Coach & Travel lets you bloom and grow into your very own potential. Discover yourself. Discover the new YOU.

Real growth happens, when the energy is right. And where would be a higher energy level than in New York City?

In April and May you can discover this wonderful city and dive deep into this special energy. With me by your side you can grow into your life's next level.

Coach & Travel in 2019: New York, New York

Coach & Travel Impressionen from 2018

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