It took Denise Schäricke only four years to build up a life she was always dreaming of.

As your Lifestyle Architect, her home is the world and she is coaching her clients to their personal and individual success story.

In doing so, she is one of the few coaches out there, that takes in the big picture = 360° view upon your very situation. Since all your life pillars are closely connected to one another they also effect each other.

Denise Schäricke is utterly convinced that only when Business, Health and your Realtionships are in balance, a person can really grow and live a light-hearted, fulfilled and happy life.

Have mindset expert Denise Schäricke as a mentor by your side in order to release inner stress and pressure and to find your inner balance, clarity and success.

After mastering her philology study at the Berlin University she started working as international trainer, to bring people into their own success story. Thanks to this internationality, she made her traveling hobby to her job and traveled the world to work with people from various cultural backgrounds. What she did was motiviating, inspiring and she let them personally grow.

Instead of being hired and fighting with a tight schedule, she now runs her own business successfully since 2014 and has a close eye on whom she is working with. With her Coach&Travel Program she is coaching at the most beautiful places of this world.

Denise Schäricke is on the point, efficient and convinces with:

Her Pace: unbelievably quickly she knows the topic behind your topic. And therfore, she is on the point when it comes to finding solutions and new perspectives for her clients. She has a clarity that you have lost for the moment. She works efficiently and saves you a lot of time and money. You will get results in no-time.

Her enthusiasm and her positive mindset: she transforms her clients to the better and is the expert when it comes to mindset. Also, she releases your inner blockades that you can start to live your life to the fullest again.

Her will to change: Denise Schäricke never settles in what she does and knows. She has a natural thirst for knowledge and therfore always visits new seminars, workshops and congresses in order to be updated with the latest develpoments in her field of expertise.

Denise Schäricke combines classic coaching with energetic work.

Her Methods:

Classic Coaching meets  Kinesiology (EDxTM, EFT, Emotioncode) and Constellation Work.


Mindset Work

Inner Child

Karmic Journey


Yoga - Vinyasa Flow, Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, YinYang Yoga, Chakra Yoga



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